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  1. The word photography is derived from Greek and literally means what?
    a. Drawing with Light
    b. Frozen Time
    c. Captured Light
    d. Stop Motion


  2. What filter would you use in order to make the sky darker and clouds stand out more?
    a. Ultra violet filter
    b. Polarizing filter
    c. Neutral density filter
    d. Blue filter


  3. You are using a regular film camera. You are photographing an outdoor table-tennis competition. Which would be the best film speed to use?
    a. 100
    b. 200
    c. 400
    d. 800


  4. ISO stands for
    a. International Organization for Standardization
    b. Integrated Sensor Operation
    c. Illumination Sensitivity Output
    d. International Standardization Organisation


  5. In what year was the first 35mm still camera developed?
    a. 1901
    b. 1913
    c. 1929
    d. 1935


  6. At what shutter speeds is a tripod generally required?
    a. Less than 1/125 of a second
    b. Less than 1/60th of a second
    c. Less than 1/30th of a second
    d. Greater than 1/250th of a second


  7. "What type of photography is Ansel Adams most famous for?
    a. Candid photography
    b. Landscape photography
    c. Fashion photography
    d. Documentary photography


  8. Which of the following is not a photography or graphics file format?
    a. JPG
    b. TIFF
    c. PNG
    d. PICT


  9. What type of lens would give a wider depth of field?
    a. 35 mm
    b. 50 mm
    c. 100 mm
    d. 200 mm


  10. Depth of Field is determined by
    a. The size of the aperture
    b. The focal length of the lens
    c. The distance between the camera and lens
    d. All of these


  11. Which of these lenses would give you the widest angle of view?
    a. Fisheye lens
    b. Macro lens
    c. Telephoto lens
    d. Zoom lens


  12. Which of the following are especially suitable for use in low-light photography?
    a. Fast shutter speed.
    b. Slow film (low ISO rating)
    c. Telephoto lens
    d. Wide aperture


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