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Old Photos of the West Country of England

old exmoor photograph

Husband and wife outside what looks like a farm cottage. Note the peg-leg and fine beard. Location unknown.

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Comments submitted to date on this image

"North Devon, perhaps? G.K, January 2010"

"Could be a seaman wounded in a conflict. Looks like a uniform he has on. Hilary, April 2010"

"What a wonderful image! Karen, May 2010"

"It was policy to employ disabled ex servicemen as toll house, turnpike and lodge attendants so it is my guess that this is not so much a cottage as a lodge or toll gatehouse where the uniform of the estate would have been provided gratis and the incumbent well known in the region,,,,hence the piccie. Likely Mid Devon. John Gilman, June 2010"


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Old Photos of Exmoor, Devon, Somerset, England

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